Our vision is to introduce a new world standard in jazz clubs. From the elegant designer décor down to the menus that light up for ease of reading, you will find yourself in a jazz club dream world. In fashioning the concept of the BB Jazz Lounge we have strived to create a rich, luxurious space that you can sink into and indulge in the finer things in life. We have worked hard to ensure that every one of your senses will be catered for and satisfied.

The designer décor includes wonderfully large sofas and lounge chairs which will immediately make you feel relaxed and tranquil, while the over-indulgent service, we believe, will be a benchmark standard that you gauge everywhere else against. Our designer décor is sheer candy for the eyes, full of rich opulent elegance and some quaint little quirks to add a slash of interest and fun.

Our Drinks List lines up some of the finest wines and champagnes in the world that have been carefully hand-picked to suit even the most discerning of palates. Expect to see the likes of Dom Perignon and Louis Roederer Cristal on our list of champagnes.

Our Nibbles Menu is a sumptuous list of the world’s most favorite culinary delights, such as oysters, caviar, steak tartar, lobster, and wagyu beef bites, foie gras terrine and seared scallops.




Our Entertainment Line-Up is second to none and no expense has been spared in offering up some of the best jazz artists in the business from far and wide. And, never fear, we have thought of everything, so, in striving to provide you with an environment of maximum comfort, we ensure that the volume levels will never overpower you, as happens all too often in live music venues.

We also offer our fabulous venue for Private Parties and Corporate Events. BB Jazz Lounge is the perfect venue if you are planning an elegant event. It is approximately 3,200 sq. ft. and can hold up to 100 people seated and about 150 standing. The ambiance is sophisticated, seductive and designer and will certainly leave a lasting impression in the minds of your valued clients and guests.

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