This band was created by the Colombian percussionist Alonso Gonzalez in Kuala Lumpur with musicians from Malaysia, UK, China and Colombia in 2005 since then they performed in various events and venues around Asia.

All of the band members of this remarkable ensemble are renowned artists in their own right:

  • Alonso Gonzalez is one of the most recognized Latin-American musicians in Asia; he has performed and recorded for artists such as Thornton Latin Jazz Quartet, Jose Thomas & Groove-unction, Greg Lyons, among others;
  • Chris Carpio is the son of the legendary guitarist Tony Carpio and grew up surrounded by rhythm and jazz. He has performed at numerous events around Asia and he is one of the top pianists in the Hong Kong music scene;
  • Franklin Torres is one of the best bass players in Hong Kong; he has performed with well-known Colombian bands such as “Orquesta los timidos”, Willi Calderon, and the Barranquilla all-stars, but his talent for the bass has to take him around the world;
  • Bernard Carpio (strongly influenced by his father Tony Carpio) started learning the flute when he was ten, Alto Saxophone at the age of 15, Soprano Saxophone not long after that and now he has progressed to the Tenor Saxophone. He has also performed in various prestigious places and events all around Asia.
  • Koffi Avlessi is a top Togolese percussionist and drummer with more than 12 years of experience. He plays many different musical styles but specialising in Funk, Latin, and Reggae.