Tjoe is a Hong Kong born and bred top musician. ThisMusicians Institute alumnus is a favoured sideman in thePop scene, a talented Jazz & Blues guitarist, a proficientarranger and composer. Currently the official artist ofMelancon, Tjoe is recognised by his creative approach,powerful soloing, unique improvisation and a splash ofhumour on stage.From 2015 to 2016, Tjoe moved to London to expand hismusical territory. He could often be found plying his tradeat top venues like Ronnie Scott’s, Southbank Centre andRich Mix. Apart from active involvement in various bandsand music projects, the young musician has also initiatedhis own project, NTBM (not-to-be-missed). It is anoriginal jazz collective led by him and formed by irregularemerging musicians from around the world. The groupaspires to compose original jazz tunes and performglobally. The band impressed the audiences in gigs

organised by Sofar Sounds London, Jazz In The PresentTense and various venues.In 2017, Tjoe globally released his first album, and orange,with his band NTBM. The album is available in the formsof a 12-inch orange vinyl and a deluxe USB device. Thehard launch party was held at Shouson Theatre, HongKong Arts Centre, in October. It followed by a series oftours to Osaka, Kanazawa, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Guangzhou,Beijing and Kuala Lumpur. Prior to and orange, Tjoe hasalso released an EP FLOW in mid 2014 and another EPFLOW LONDON in early 2016.Tjoe is currently based in Hong Kong. In mid-August 2017,Tjoe brought NTBM to Wow And Flutter, Hong Kong’sbiggest music festival to celebrate local bands. Apartfrom his own project, he is also the guitarist of localbands Majestic G and tfvsjs.Tjoe Man Cheung- Adam Maestro, Sofar Sounds London’Tjoe’s compositions andperformance style is incrediblyunique and his clear charisma asa band leader clearlycommunicate his effectivenessworking with other musicians.’Music